Boyish Tie Dyed T-Shirt ( Yesstyle Code Giveaway)

This is my first Yesstyle haul. I was very excited placing my first order with Yesstyle. Today I would like to share this fit with you guys!

This boyish tie dyed t-shirt is slightly oversized and lengthened sleeves. The fabric is so comfy and cute! The fit is very vivid and colorful! There is this long strap which adds an extra something to this tee. I matched with this wide leg denim shorts. They're comfortable to wear (especially in Thailand), and look just like the picture. They're also airy so they're good for hot days.

Love what’s on me?

DragonRoad - Tie Dyed Short Sleeve T-Shirt 🔎 "1067344215"

JIUHOJI - Wide Leg Denim Shorts 🔎 "1072211112"

Use code 🔹️BYUTHIDA19🔹️for %%% off!! Ordering soon!! Click the link below!!

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