Bubble Tea Pancakes at Belle Époque 美好年代 台中店

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I love the fact that this restaurant could ideally combine between my favorite boba tea and hot cakes together. I found this restaurant on Instagram (again!) and followed their addictive boba pancakes' bomb videos which will be shown later.

The most anticipated pearl milk tea soufflé is so great! The decoration is Instagram-freindly but the main dish is quite decent.

Another lovable thing is their coffee. The coffee is definitely worth trying - the beans are aromatic and they froth the milk properly - slightly cream, not bubbly and not too hot.

The food does not live up to the price. It's quite expensive but the food just not special or amazing. The only thing worth eating is the famous pancake.

I tried the bubble tea pancake here - the fluffy pancake packs a rich black tea flavor, and the sauce is light and milky. I actually felt like I was eating a pancake made of milk tea. I felt really satisfied about their dessert.

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