Eggs 'n Things Taiwan

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Since first appearing in Hawaii in 1974, Eggs 'n Things has been a popular casual restaurant for locals and worldwide international tourists visiting Hawaii. I visited their Waikiki branch before and satisfied with their food and excellent service.

This restaurant was my fav when I was in Hawaii. Was so looking forward to try it again when I was in Taipei. I was more than happy to hear that Eggs ‘n Things has a branch in Taipei at Songgao Road 1F, Taipei 110, Taiwan. I went their after Christmas 2018 with a very high expectation on their pancake things!

This spot is cozy and amazing. The menu looks just fine!

I ordered Kona coffee ☕️ and Maguro locomoco... I guessed! I couldn’t remember the name exactly.

The egg was overcooked though. Don’t expect the pancake tastes like in Hawaii, it just tastes different.

Just think it’s just a normal pancake! I’m an honest blogger so I would say that it’s totally different from the original version.

They have 3 syrups on each table: Maple, Coconut, and pomegranate. All 3 were good! These are all life savers so far! Does not meet expectation! Taste is ok, not remarkably delicious.

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