Fun & Affordable Living | Hotel Fun - Linsen, Taipei

Hotel Fun was a great place to stay in Taipei. Great location! Easily accessible. MRT station is just 3 minutes walk from the hostel. The hostel location is near the Zhongshan Elementary School Metro Station (中山國小站). The facilities are really nice with three lounge areas, pool table, games, free laundry, computers, and free massage chairs.

The hotel has a very big hotel front lobby. There was also a social hall, a billiard table, 3 massage machines, a vendo for drinks sold in Taiwan, a laundry and dryer room, 2 computer units for internet and a lot of couches to sit on and interact with other fellow travellers.

Inside the rooms, you can find television screen, cleaning products, clothes rack, and complimentary instant coffee and tea. All toiletries were provided although there was no cabinet to put your clothes on. It is comfortable and nice.

They offer breakfast buffet with a wide selection of items and it tasted not bad. They have free usage of washing machine and drier. You can wash your clothes everyday and dry your clothes at the same time.

It is very near to the Mrt station, exit 2, turn left after the exit 2, then after POYA supermarket turn left again. There are also a number of convenience stores in the neighborhood. This hotel is really worth trying. I will definitely recommend this hotel to my friends and family when they visit Taiwan.

For more information and booking, please check out their website here!

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