Get Ready With Me & LESASHA Gold Plate Hair Crimper

As I mentioned previously that I will definitely try out hair straighteners from LESASHA. Finally, I did! Yayyyy... I have long, very thick hair that I've always struggled to style on my own. I saw a demonstration from the clerk in a Central department store in Bangkok and knew I needed this LESASHA Gold Plate Hair Crimper.

With social media going crazy over the super-sleek look of glass hair, it's clear that straight hair are not going anywhere. But pressing your hair between two scorching-hot plates can be a recipe for a dried, sizzled, frizzy disaster. I've scoured the flatiron to bring you the best of the best, at a range of price points.

Count on LESASHA to bless us with high-performance hair tools that are super affordable and good lookin', too. Crafted from two "Nano Gold Tourmaline" plates to deliver heat fast and evenly, LESASHA Gold Plate Hair Crimper reaches temperatures up to 150-230 degrees (8 Steps), has shine-boosting technology, and worldwide voltage.

Volume Wave Tutorial

Step 1 Separate your hair into different layers and gently straighten the hair from the root.

Step 2 Start turning the straightener inside and wait for 2-3 seconds, making your hair flow over the iron.

Repeatedly, straighten the hair like this! You will be ready for dating or important events without any fizziness. It remains healthy and shiny looking!

Is there a way to give this flat iron 10 stars?! What an amazing styling tool! I use the root lift spray when I blow dry for the hold and then follow with the flat iron to add some waves. Temperature settings with "Touch Pad " are the reason I gravitated to this flat iron and I am glad I tried it out!

I got a great curl from the first use. It heats quickly, is easy to work with and hold, and has a very long cord (3 meters) which is handy! It has exceeded my expectations for both straightening and curling! My naturally straight hair stays curled for DAYS, and I don’t even use hairspray!

I decided to buy LESASHA Gold Plate Hair Crimper and it was the best investment ever. I have been using this flat iron for a month now. No heat damage either! This flat iron took only one swipe to straighten my hair and I was amazed by how smooth, shiny, and frizz free it was.

This LESASHA Gold Plate Hair Crimper is an exclusive collection which is available only at Central department store! What are you waiting for? Go head and garb one! You can ask for more info online as well. Line : Youtube : Lesasha Email : Call Center : 02-736-0303

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Love and take good care of yourself! Keep in touch!

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