Refreshing Environment at Guangfu New Village

The village features organized streets, refreshing environment and a lot of hand-made stuff. The new Guangfu New Village (光復新村) cultural-creative hub is quickly staking a claim to tourist attraction status.

It was also the first new town built after World War II and today is the most fully preserved military dependents' village in Taiwan. Guangfu was one of the few to remain and today has been turned into an esoteric collection of shops, cafes and studios. There are many trees and clean, tidy roads in this community, which has been repurposed as an art and cultural village.

I went there during Taiwan's national holiday so many shops were closed. Surprisingly, I only saw local Taiwanese. This place may not probably be popular among tourists yet. You can go around the place where there is a cluster of colorful and artistry houses. These are all photogenic.

Guangfu New Village has turned into a cultural and creative village where artists and entrepreneurs came to establish their creative base within the mottled historic red brick walls. As a result, you can find many HIPPIE artisans and DIY shops here!

Guangfu New Village has become one of the hippest new places to go in Taichung! The village is not very big and it’s just a quick hop over then head to the Earthquake Museum nearby.

Cute cafés, artist’s exhibits, restaurants, organic produce stores, and even a chocolate factory are a magnet for photographers and instagramers. I recommend you to come on a weekend afternoon when all the shops are open and it has a livelier atmosphere and crowds of people.

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