Industrial-Chic Warehouse 30

Warehouse 30 is the new creative community complex in Bangkok, Thailand. They were renovated from abandoned World War 2-era warehouses into industrial-chic warehouses. This place became another must-visit spot in Bangkok, particularly, for those who love taking aesthetic photos.

Warehouse 30 is located on Charoen Krung 30 which is walk-able from Sheraton Hotel and River City Hotel. This place is a creative lifestyle destination where offers a community arts space with vendors, galleries, food & films. The aesthetic here is crazy!

This is a great place to chill out. It is well designed space and has chic atmosphere. Check art collection, go shopping, hang out for coffee, or take beautiful photos. I haven't seen many restaurant choices here except one that seems like a coffee shop at the corner called "Sweet Pista".

Burger, appetizers and pasta were all decent especially this Thai style crispy pork rice. Don't miss it. We ordered Spaghetti and it was also tasty. The restaurant fits both couples and family meal.

Plus, parking area is good. You can go out and take Bangkok street art photos around that area. There are many interesting graffiti nearby. Good place for photography! It is a nice place for hipsters or art lovers.

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