Mindful Living and Spiritual Awakening with Reiki Blessed Water

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Today I would like to share a nice resource that you may find interesting and help you with your own spiritual development. For people interested in mindfulness and meditation and experiencing aspects of spiritual awakening, "Reiki Restore" bottled water is my highly recommended item.

Water is an essential life nutrient that sustains life for humans, animals and plants. In Japanese traditional medicine, Japanese people recommends various benefits of drinking water. It is a habit among japanese that drinking water after getting up in the morning in an empty stomach to cure diseases and gives healthy life.

Here are some benefits of Water Therapy based on Japanese research study.

  • Support your metabolism.

  • Support strong digestive system.

  • Help relieve stress.

  • Boost your energy and emotion throughout the day.

  • Promote weight loss.

  • Flush out toxins and balance your body function.

Reiki Restore bottled water is Reiki Blessed by a qualified Reiki Master Practitioner. Each bottle is labelled with a unique selection of 6 different intentions to choose from; Love, Relax, Happiness, Focus, Brave, and Success. Reiki Restore Water provides natural spring bottled water, which is sourced from sustainably managed spring beneath volcanic rock formations in Queensland. 

What’s your intention?

My life has been hectic these days so the "Relax" bottle has been an absolute life saver. These waters are captured naturally from a mineral spring and tend to contain minerals. Reiki Restore Water also helps me feel full longer than plain water does. I love to take a sip of "Relax" before and after meditation, reading my favorite books, and unwinding before bed.

That being said, Reiki Restore Water is addicting. This is a delightfully tasting bottled water. I drank them mostly to "clear" both my throat and my mind! I am buddhist and personally believe in Reiki healing methods developed by the Japanese Buddhist, Dr. Mikao Usui. Water therapy improves your overall health and well-being. Also, water therapy helps you stay energized throughout the day by maintaining your water reserves and preventing dehydration.

What’s your intention? I want to hear from you as well. Don't hesitate to practice water therapy daily with Reiki Restore Water. You can find more information via these following links;

Website: www.reikirestorewater.com.au

Instagram: @reikirestorewater

Facebook: @reikiblessedwater

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