SK-II #BareSkinChat | 8 Years Relationship between Me & SKII

Since I'm a long-time user of SK-II, today I'll be giving an in-depth review on 2 of my favorite products from the brand. Hope you'll find this useful!

Top product from the brand:

What it is: "SK-II R.N.A.POWER Radical New Age Cream" has been changing the name from time to time. I've been using this product since it was named "Skin Signature" which is the best-selling moisturizer that supercharges skin’s firmness and glow.

Why it’s good: It's a soft and light face cream that is easily absorbed by your skin. I apply the cream twice a day, in the morning and before bedtime after washing my face. I also apply it on my neck. it quicky absorbed into my skin and left my face smooth, fuller looking & hydrated. Also, it didn't make my face greasy.

What it is: SK-II R.N.A.POWER Eye Cream is an effective eye cream that smooths out fine lines over time. It was very light and creamy and didn't feel oily.

Why it’s good: My fine lines seem less noticeable and my undereye skin appears to be brighter. The results have perked up the appearance of my face. The skin around my eyes is definitely firmer, and I love how it the cream is very moisturizing.

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