Taichung World Flora Exposition

The Taichung World Flora Exposition (also called the Flora Expo) displays to the world the hard work of Taiwan’s farmers, the thoughtfulness of the architects, the efforts of volunteers, and Taiwan’s hospitality.

All visitors can be immersed in, and admire, a visual feast from nature with reminders of simple pleasures, creating moments of happiness in life. Moreover, all visitors can feel pleased and all participants will feel proud. Official exhibition period is between November 3, 2018 (Fri.) and April 24, 2019 (Tues.)

Organized by the local government, 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition invites citizens to reflect on the intimate relationship between humanity and the nature. The expo are displayed in 4 major sites.

The Waipu site ,the first large-scale exhibition with Taiwan agriculture as the main theme, will primarily feature events and activities that cater to recreational agriculture and environmental education, in two permanent exhibition halls - Nature House and Green Pavilion.

The Huludun Park in Fengyuan, meanwhile, will feature landscaping and native flower species. Competitions will also be held at the site for professional groups specializing in the fields of domestic horticulture, landscape gardening, architecture and creative design.

Houli, the largest of the three venues in terms of exhibition space, will hold performances by local and foreign troupes including Taiwan's renowned National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra.

The cultural and art performance activities organized during the Flora Expo will be focused on Taichung’s culture.

I really had a great time walking around and experiencing various species of flowers and plants existing in Taiwan.

Shuttle buses are available at bus stations in various park areas, including Houli Horse Ranch & Forest Park Area station, Fengyuan Huludun Park Expo Site station and Waipu Expo Site station. The four parks within the Expo are close to train stations or highways, making the Expo easily accessible to visitors.

Unfortunately, the expo was officially closed since it had been exhibiting for around 6 months. Please follow this link for their further updates: https://2018floraexpo.tw/En/

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