What I ate in Japan last summer!

Updated: May 28, 2019

Talking about Japan, food is the very first priority for me. Last year I went to Kansai, Japan, wandered around , and explored wide range of food.

Me and my boyfriend are minimalist so we tend not to eat too much fancy stuff. They were all typical meals that you can usually find in Japan. Plus they are reasonable and not rip your wallet off.

First, Tempura Ebinoya Namba Walk is the tasty tendon restaurant which can absolutely full your stomach. All-you-can-eat mentaiko that is my MOST favorite. It is super addictive! Tempura is freshly crushed! Check out their website for more detail: http://www.fujiofood.com/shop_search/cat86/

There are a number of stores that sell takoyaki in Dotonbori but after researching a bit online, Creo-Ru seemed the most popular so we went and lined up with everyone else. Food is brilliant and service is top-notch, quick, efficient and very friendly. Really enjoyed the okonomiyaki.

Okonomiyaki was good. Perfect size-not too little, not too much. The takoyaki here are much softer and more mushy. More information click here: https://creo-ru.com/creo-ru-store/tenpo/dotonbori/

A must have for any any ramen lover. Ichiran Ramen serve the richer broth with pork bone soup base and not the Soyu base. Choose the firmness of the noodle , spiciness , onion, garlic etc to make your own choice! The shop usually has an hour long wait so do plan your schedule appropriately. Visit their website to check how to get there: https://ichiran.com/shop/kinki/dotonbori-south/

This is my favorite drink of all time "Aloe and White Grape" which you can find this in some vending machines. Not all vending machines sell this aloe drink! If you find this, please give it a try! I found this at the last minute before catching a plane back to Bangkok. Super refreshing after the long walk.

I cannot remember the name of this sashimi don in Namba. It was pretty random because we want to taste some seafood. Unfortunately the taste was not really that impressive for us.

Experiencing some pizza in Japan here in Kobe! Again, this was another random restaurant we found during the walk. We were starving at that moment so we decided to go with this pizza shop.

Lesson learnt in Japan is that you should not be too random in Japan. Checking the reviews in advance on Google or Trip Adviser is needed!

After walking around the hilly Kitano neighbourhood this place is a cool & peaceful oasis of calm. Starbucks Kobe Kitano Ijinkan is located in an old historical building, which is nice in a way. The renovation of this old foreign house into a coffee shop was beautifully done. The atmosphere was kept to the original.

% ARABICA Kyoto Arashiyama is in front of the Arashiyama Mountain, Ooi River, and Togetsukyo Bridge. There are also several small temples scattered around the area – making it a great place to escape the city and simply wander. The coffee is some of the best in the city and the location is great. There’s only a tiny outside sitting area, but that hardly matters when you can just carry your cup to the riverside and enjoy it while watching the boats float by.

JR Kyoto station is not only a major transportation hub,but also a place for shopping and dining. Machiya is okonomiyaki chain restaurant,and Machiya Kyoto Porta is located in the underground shopping mall called Porta which is 5 minutes walk from JR Kyoto station.

Soy sauce,okonomiyaki sauce and green seaweed and mayonnaise are available on the tables.The okonomiyaki sauce is relatively sweet. The chef cooks the okonomiyaki and then they place them on each individual hot plate to keep them warm.

Tsujiri Café offers various drink and sweet using Tsujiri's uji matcha green tea with more than 150 years of history. You can enjoy matcha green tea-based milk with a rich taste. If you're looking for a good dessert place to enjoy the green tea flavors of Kyoto, this is the place.

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